Longdon Parish Council members

Councillor Full Details February 2021

Members of the Parish Council

Name Ward Telephone
Cllr. Nick Betteley Longdon 07898 872374
Cllr. Gladys Crowe Gentleshaw 07944 089681
Cllr. Helen Hulme Longdon 07817 469809
Cllr. Trevor Johnson Longdon 07718 732986
Cllr. Mark Pritchard Longdon 07973 163696
Cllr. Craig Stevens Gentleshaw 07771 956780
Cllr. John Watkins-Smythe Longdon 07748 648242
(Vacancy) Gentleshaw
(Vacancy) Longdon
(Vacancy) Longdon
(Vacancy) Longdon

Clerk to the Council

Chris Gracey (Send a message to the Clerk)

Address for correspondence

Longdon Parish Council
81 Brownshore Lane
WV11 2AE
Tel: 07791 313060