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Council meeting 10th January 2023

Published 8 November 2022

 The next meeting of the Council is Tuesday 10th January 2023 to be held @ 7pm at WI Hall Ford Lane Longdon, please contact the clerk if you wish to attend

Longdon Flower Club Presents Christmas Cheer.

Published 21 October 2022

xmas flowersFlower arranging demonstration with Anita Wright (NAFAS Demonstrator) SUNDAY 20th NOVEMBER 2:30 PM St. JAMES SCHOOL LONGDON. Tickets £8 available on the door to include glass of wine and mince pie. Stalls and raffle. For tickets or more information call Irene 490135 or Carol 490888

Longdon Charity Calendar Launch Update

Published 12 October 2022

Calendar front cover

At last night’s Parish Council meeting the design etc of our Longdon Villages 2023 Charity Fund Raising Calendar was finalised and is now going to the printers to be produced.

Enormous and very grateful thanks to all of those who have contributed photographs and to Mr & Mrs Howells for all their work in editing and compiling the calendar and negotiating a very competitive price. The Parish Council agreed to meet all the costs of printing and compiling the 1000 copies which are being ordered.

This good news means that the nominated charities will share in all the sales revenues generated. They are :-

St James the Great Church Longdon
St James School Longdon
St Giles Hospice
Longdon Community Group

It is expected the calendars will be available to purchase from the beginning of November. With stocks limited to 1000 it’s recommended that you pre-order yours via email to the PC Clerk (longdonpc@outlook.com) without delay. Only £6.00 each!!!!!.

More news on where to buy will follow soon.

HS2-2a / A51 Road Safety Issues Longdon Communities Fact Finding Public Meetings

Published 12 October 2022

Further to the public meeting held in July a series of public meetings are
being held on Saturday 22nd October 2022 at the Longdon Club, Brook End,

The purpose of the meetings is to allow residents to record their road safety
concerns arising from the additional HGV traffic using the A51 during HS2-2a
construction due to commence January 2025. In particular accessing, crossing
and leaving the A51 into and from our villages.

We are holding three sessions, one each for Longdon Green, Longdon & Upper
Longdon. All will be held on the same day as follows :-

LONGDON GREEN – Doors open 11.15am – Meeting starts -12.00 noon – 1.30pm
LONGDON – Doors open 1.45pm – Meeting starts – 2.00 pm – 3.30pm
UPPER LONGDON – Doors Open 3.45 pm – Meeting starts – 4.00 pm – 5.30pm

The meetings will be attended by The Clerk to the Longdon Parish Council who
will formally minute the meetings.

Please attend only one of the meetings to assist in the management of the
conclusions which will be compiled and distributed to residents for comment
prior to submittal to the SCC/HS2-2a liaison team.
If you are unable to attend in person then please let us have your thoughts/
concerns etc in writing via email to the Clerk, copy to myself.

Other, additional issues such as noise, air pollution etc, etc will be dealt with
separately at follow up meetings.

In closing please remember, the projected traffic volumes passing our villages
during the construction stages at the morning and afternoon/evening peak
times will be one vehicle every two seconds. This is your opportunity to
influence how the road safety fund of £5.66m made available to SCC by HS2-
2a is used. If you care, you’ll be there!.

Trevor Johnson
Chair-Longdon Parish Council

Contact details :- The Clerk :- Mrs Chris Gracey longdonpc@outlook.com
Trevor Johnson trevorj1244@gmail.com

HS2-Phase 2a Use of the West Coast Rail Line-Alternative to Road freight

Published 15 August 2022

picture of freight train

Following the recent public meeting, Longdon Parish Council formally requested that HS2-2a give consideration to using the existing West Coast Rail Line which runs past both Hixon and Fradley as an alternative to the HGV’s which will be passing along the A51. Their response was received today, Thursday 4th August 2022.

Movement of materials by rail was considered as part of the Phase 2a scheme design through parliament. In considering this it was determined at the time that it would not be the most suitable option due to logistical constraints and programme delivery.

However, at every stage of the Phase 2a design development process, HS2 will continue to consider rail as one of the measures to mitigate traffic impacts. The next review will be undertaken by our Design Delivery Partner in 2023, which is when traffic and transport proposals are reviewed alongside the developing railway design. HS2 is committed to reducing our impact on local communities and our neighbours and we will continue to assess all reasonable opportunities to implement sustainable construction.

We are conscious of the community’s concerns and will keep you informed about HS2’s progress and any changes to our plans.

Trevor Johnson

HS2-Phase 2a- Fradley to Crewe- Construction Update 27th July 2002

Published 15 August 2022

Update of meeting with SCC’s HS2 liaison team & HS2-2a Community Engagement Manager. 27th July 2022

Consultation history :- It transpires that the consultation referred to at the 9th July public meeting occurred in 2016. This was part of the preparation of compiling the project design which went forward for parliamentary approval. The main thrust of this was with affected parties within 1km either side of the then proposed route.

It therefore follows that meaningful road safety and other issues in other affected communities now needs to be consulted upon.

Road safety funding :- As previously reported £250000.00 earmarked for traffic lights at the junction of Borough Lane/Brook End & A51 will come from HS2-1 (London to Fradley). The £5.661m made available to SCC by HS2-phase2a (Fradley to Crewe) has NOT been allocated. It is therefore available for consideration, the meeting was reminded that HS2 have strict guidelines which have to be met.

Use of the West Coast Rail Line :- Longdon PC had formally requested that the existing rail line be used as an alternative to road freight. A formal response has been received, please see Longdon News dated 16th July for full details of their response.

HS2-2a did explain that the bridges and tunnels would be first to be constructed which will allow some traffic to travel along the route of the track thereby reducing A51 etc road use. A detailed timing’s plan is to be made available to the PC. Details will be published when available.

Main construction start date :- This is a year later than previously thought, the main route construction will commence January 2025.

Both SCC and HS2-phase 2a emphasised a need for there to be broad agreement within the affected communities of what it is that they want. Resources are being stretched and we need to play our part in avoiding “changes of minds/hearts” halfway through individual projects.

Longdon Parish Council will, at it’s September meeting, discuss this together with the issues raised at the public meeting to map a productive way forward.

Trevor Johnson

HS2 2a Public Meeting Further Up-date 16th July 2022

Published 18 July 2022

Despite a few frustrations and disappointments this week due to key people either being on, or about to go on annual leave there are some potential positives to share with you :-

1, Consultation history :- Further exhaustive enquiries have failed to provide any additional evidence on this. Encouragingly, at present, this is confirmed by HS2 who are continuing their enquiries. It was also confirmed at the July PC meeting by councillors.

2, Consultation developments :- Yesterday I received an invitation for the PC to attend a meeting with SCC’s HS2 liaison team to discuss the proposals contained in my email to them dated 6th July. The meeting is to be held on the afternoon of 27th July. A representative of HS2-2a will also be attending.

Details of my proposals are listed below. Whilst I appreciate these will not be universally popular with residents the fact they are being considered/discussed is, I believe, a big step forward from where we we’re last week.

3, Proposal to use existing rail tracks :- We have formally requested that the existing West Coast rail track which passes both Hixon and Hanch be considered as an alternative to using road freight. HS2-2a have referred this to their appropriate engineers and have committed to provide a reply by 27th July.

4, Formation of an action group :- Due to illness and prior engagements there is no progress to report. Whilst I suggest we now await the outcome of the July 27th meeting before actively pursuing this further any contribution from residents regarding terms of reference preparation, skills/experience requirements etc would be welcome.

We most definitely need to keep this option on the table.

5, Meeting of neighbouring PC Chairmen/Women :- Brendan McKeown, Stafford Borough Councillor and Chair of Hixon PC is taking the lead and is hopeful that a meeting will be convened within the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Personally, I hope this happens irrespective of the outcome of our meeting on 27th, there are several issues which are of concern to our communities, speed limits being just one example.

Trevor Johnson

Proposed Road Changes re: HS2 2a Construction Traffic

The following proposal are based upon two key assumptions :-
a, That full and proper consultation of the proposed HS2-2a occurred
b, The Road Safety Fund of £5.661m provided by HS2-2a to SCC has been fully allocated.

Longdon Green There are two A51 junctions, the southern end (nearest to Lichfield) does not have a
central reservation/halfway refuge area but the northern junction does. With the planned Borough Lane
traffic lights the flow of traffic from that direction will be interrupted thereby allowing access to the central
refuge for traffic turning right towards Lichfield. However there is an existing serious problem at this junction
caused by the school traffic and more particularly the vehicles which are parked on the bend/hill brow at the
top of Church Hill. If this problem we’re resolved then I believe the Longdon Green access problem would
be much improved. If not then the southern junction also needs a halfway refuge.

High Street/Brook End The interruption of traffic flows created by the planned Borough Lane traffic
lights will provide safe access onto the A51. However I believe that “keep clear” road marking will assist
those wishing to turn right.

Brereton Hill Lane This junction is of real concern, it’s an accident waiting to happen. View of
traffic approaching from the north is completely obscured by the “blind bend” at the top of Brereton Hill
There have been several near misses in recent weeks. In the absence of major works I suggest traffic exiting
Upper Longdon is compelled to turn left, i.e. no right turn. Traffic wishing to go towards Lichfield would pass
down Brereton Hill to the roundabout at the bottom then double back up the hill.

Speed limits In addition to the above consideration should be given to :-

A51-Brereton Hill Reduced to 50mph
A51 Through Bradley Lakes, Longdon & both Longdon Green junctions reduced to30mph
Entire length Stockings Lane reduced to 30mph in anticipation of traffic increase arising from
the proposed change to the Brereton Hill Lane junction as above.
Borough Lane-Grand Lodge to Smithy Lane reduced to 40mph
Borough Lane-Smithy Lane to A51 reduced to 30mph
All surrounding/connecting lanes reduced to 40mph


HS2 Construction Traffic Public Meeting Up-date

Published 10 July 2022

The meeting held yesterday, 9th July was attended by over 60 residents and our MP Michael Fabricant together with our District Councillor Rob Strachan, both of whom pledged their support to our ongoing efforts to ensure Longdon remains a safe place for families to live and thrive. The meeting heard :-

1, Confirmation the proposed traffic lights at the crossroads of Borough Lane/ Brook End & the A51 had been referred by SCC to the design team for details to be prepared.

2, Whilst the history of events was still being reviewed (more work this week) the timeline is showing there was very little communication between HS2-2a/SCC and the PC between September 2017 and March 2022. We are currently trying to find a response/reply to a letter sent by the PC in September 2017 outlining the concerns in regard to road safety. This document was headed consultation response, however details of the project together with details of HGV volumes we’re unknown at that time. These enquiries are ongoing with further meetings being held week commencing 11th July 2022.

3, Copies of an Email received from SCC dated 6th July were circulated to attendees. In summary the email claimed it is too late for issues relating to Longdon Green, High Street, Brereton Hill Lane among others and speed limit reductions to be considered with HS2-2a. The meeting rejected this claim believing that proper consultation has not happened as is required by law.

4, The meeting decided to form an action group. Proposals regarding the structure of this are to be prepared by a meeting of representatives- current Cllrs Richard Cox (SCC & LDC) Rob Strachan (LDC) Trevor Johnson (LPC) plus former – Martyn Tittley (SCC & LDC) and Gina Duckett (LPC). These will be drawn up into a newsletter which will posted on the PC website & Facebook and on We Love Longdon. Printed copies will also be distributed to letter boxes throughout the whole parish by no later than Monday 18th July.

5, MP Michael Fabricant urged/demanded everyone one to involve him, he informed/ reminded the meeting of his powers as an MP to get replies/answers to questions.

In closing may I thank all who attended and repeat again my apologies to the Church for clashing with their Open Gardens event which I urge you all to support today, Sunday 10th July.

Trevor Johnson



HS2-Phase 2a Construction Traffic Urgent Announcement

Published 29 June 2022

construction traffic road sign

Since the enormity of the problems arising from the above became more widely understood there have been numerous social media articles, and phone calls to me personally, from residents demanding

to know –“what is going to be done?”, “who is doing what?, and commonly –“we need to start an action group”.

In response to the above I am convening a meeting in the Longdon Club at 3.00pm on Saturday 9th July. If you wish to express your views and or get involved in any action groups please come and join us.

Copies of this announcement will appear on the PC website, the PC’s Facebook page and parish notice boards. If you know anyone who does not have internet access please let them know details of the meeting.

In closing I apologise for the short advance notice but I want to collect views etc ahead of the July PC meeting being held on the 12 th July. May I also apologise to the Church for clashing with their Open Gardens day which I urge you all to attend.

Trevor Johnson

Tree Planting Longdon School

Published 24 June 2022

Volunteers planting trees
Pictured (left to right) are Cllr. Craig Stevens, Sharon Caine, Samantha Fox, Joan Fox, Sharon Bedlow, Sue Boston and John and Anne Harvey.

Tree planting has taken place at Lichfield Cathedral School in Longdon that will form a lasting legacy for the area. The Queen’s Green Canopy is a unique tree planting initiative created to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. Trees were donated by Dig Trees and compost by Longdon Community Group.

Longdon Parish Council and the Longdon Community Group came together with children from Lichfield Cathedral school to plant a number of trees on land at the school. The walk of oaks has been named The Jubilee Walk.